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Interactive Fractured System Tutorial – No commercial plugins needed

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Download the scene file here. (max2010-11).

In this tutorial I’m showing how to create a cheap and easy setup of an interactive fracture system. I’m using a script by Paul Hormis which attaches objects based on their local Z axis which can be downloaded here: Attachment script – Must have for this tutorial

I’m also showing two methods to create a trail of the collapsed movement. One done manually without any plugins and the other is using the GhostTrails plugin.

The geometry on this setup needs to be pre-fractured. In my example I’m using the free script FractureVoronoi which can be found on but of course you can use any of the other tools available in the market to get better prefractured surfaces.

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Procedural Surface Collapse Rig HD – Thinking Particles

March 12, 2011 1 comment

Inspired from 2012, I did this setup with Thinking Particles 3. Simple maxscript for the UI and the rest is with spacewarps, reactions and connection setup. The surface was prefractured with Rayfire. I didn’t continue this since TP4 has better fracture control with the implemented volumeBreaker node. Hopefully when I get the time I’ll re-create this setup in TP4 with a custom script that makes it all easy to control and put it up in the free stuff section.

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Multiplicity – challenge winner

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Fun self project I did in 2007 that took 1st place at the VFX challenge. The challenge provided 5 video footages of the same person in different locations in the same room. The goal was to combine it to a single shot.

I used photoshop to create a star-trek theme plate, used fusion to rotoscope all 5 different footages and for various fx. Maya was used for the green jar.

See the thread here.

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Scene file from my “Interactive Fracture System” tutorial

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Inception – Time – Electronic Cover

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A cover version I did to Hans Zimmer’s Time Inception OST. Nothing is sampled from the original piece. I used FL Studio 9.

This is the first time I finish a full track. Music isn’t my main profession, but in the past I used to compose solo piano tunes (which were boring as hell) and bits of electronic stuff. My midi keyboard broke down some years ago so I used my pc keyboard to put everything in and had to manually adjust the velocities of each note in order to get the touch I was happy with..

High Quality MP3 can be downloaded here

Listen to the original piece here

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