Frost vs Realflow mesh test

May 6, 2011 1 comment

In this test I’m checking if it’s possible to achieve a flicker free mesh of a high viscosity Realflow simulation using very low res values while meshing with Frost and comparing the result to standard Realflow meshes.

Normally in Realflow high viscosity values (100 to 400) makes the simulation highly unstable (particles explode) and to keep a smooth interpolation between frames you need to increase the min-max substeps significally. If you need the realflow mesh to keep enough details it needs to have at least 1-2milllion particles. To keep such a high count from exploding the min-max substeps need to be raised accordingly and kept at least at 2000min to 3000max which also translates to days of simulation time…

Such high values will produce a great looking realflow mesh, but if your shot is in close up and rendered in HD there’re good chances the mesh will still flicker heavily and won’t pass any broadcast standards. The cause is due to other friction values, small global scale, etc. Common solution is just to blur it in comp. If that’s not possible then you have no choice but to sim at a higher scale and tweak more values of that long simulation which is a real pain….

Thinkbox’s FROST finally makes it possible to mesh a smooth flicker free mesh even from quite a low resolution simulation which means a HUGE time saver in production time.

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Glass Spill – Frost Test

April 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Only 50k realflow particles meshed with thinkbox’s amazing plugin called Frost. Realflow simulation time was of course pretty quick, less then 8 minutes, and frost mesh generation was also a matter of few seconds.

Rendered with Vray but I didn’t put efforts on shading and rendering quality since I wanted all the refractions to be rendered pretty quick.

You can get a fully functional time limited trial ver of Frost from the Thinkboxsoftware website.

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Ford Mustang Car Crash

April 17, 2011 1 comment

Crash test I did a while ago. Craft director tools for the initial drive animation, then used reactor cloth on a proxy mesh which skin wrapped the car model. Some parts are hand deformed and animated. Glass debris animated with Box#2. FumeFX for the smoke. Compositing with Eyeon Fusion and final editing and sound with Vegas.

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Apple Juice Pour – Realflow5 Test

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Chocolate Waffles Cream – Realflow5 Simulation

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Mudbox Test

April 9, 2011 1 comment

I did this model back in 2008 using one of Mudbox’s early versions using a weak old dual core. Didn’t have a chance to do much sculpting since then, but I plan to do so since it’s a lot of fun.

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